A Word about the Archive

Over the last two years, I have watched all of these videos and many more. I have found them to be very eye opening. The research contained in these video gives a much more complete view of the world as it is and was, it shows a truer and more complete picture of the nature of many of our organisations such as government, religion, and the financial system. In watching these video you will hear many different theories, some of them so fantastical in nature that, at first, you will believe them to be crazy. The key to getting the most from this information is to view it with an open mind, to hold the ideas in your mind without accepting or dismissing them and to look at and take in as many different views on the subjects as you can find. You will see in viewing this material that their research brings them to conflicting conclusions over things like the origins of man, however, the history that they draw is for the most part always the same and indeed you will find that in reality most of these researchers agree on far more subjects than they disagree on. This is why I have assembled this archive in order give anyone a good board spectrum of at least what I consider to be some of the best work easily available and to recommend the researchers that I have found to be the most accurate. Many of the descriptions for these videos are lifted straight from YouTube although not all of them.

Since creating this page, I have found is that much of this material is continuously being taken down and put back up. Simply by copying and pasting the titles many of the videos can easily be found on YouTube and the web.


Since going further and watching other peoples material I have since discovered that many of the “gurus” I once would have proudly recommended do appear to be frauds in one way or another and although I would still maintain that useful information can be gleamed from these people they must also be taken with a pinch of salt. In my opinion Many of the characters in the conspiracy world are adept salesman and I have no quarms about admitting the fact that I was taken in by them. Of the those I have decided to leave on this list, I would still say to take them with the same amount of salt. You are your own guru and arbitor of truth and there is still indeed always more to know.

Recommended Researchers


Jerry Kroth

John St Julien Baba Wanyama


Bill Cooper




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