One Idea on Enlightenment.

Michael Tsarion, in his Path of the Fool series, said that the idea of enlightenment refers to weight rather than light, this may explain why we also have the term illumination with all of its connotations that I not going to go into here.

So if enlightenment relates to weight then what is it? (at this point I feel it necessary to say that I myself do not claim to be enlightened). My thought on this, and it is only my thought, is that enlightenment is the process of making amends and letting go of the superficial, which is a work which is perhaps never finished. I do not believe that it comes from guru with a beard or the drug-induced state, which is the image of enlightenment that is rammed down our throats by the TV or indeed that it requires years of study.

If enlightenment is the process of letting go then to achieve this state, it follows that one must be burdened in the first instance and there in lies the truth, ideas can be burdened and also be a burden.

The word enlightenment is talismanic as are so many other words in the English language, you say the word enlightenment to most people you will get back drugs, hippies, gurus with beards and so on. These are some of the burdens this word carries. It is my opinion that to enlighten oneself you have to do away with the symbolism and use language as a simple description.

Not so long ago I saw David Icke give a ten hour talk on the Worldwide Wake Up Tour, among other things, he spoke about how what he called “being programmed” and “the program” and these were his terms for the conditioning a human being goes through from birth, He expertly explained about how we are born, sent to pre-school, taught to obey authority (because that lesson always comes as a two for one, this is authority and you obey it) then we are sent to school, we go to college and university, get a job, get a partner, get a mortgage, have kids, work ourselves to death and then die. Externally we are, put simply, taught how to become a cog in a machine.

What we don’t stop to consider (and what people like Michael Tsarion, David Icke and Mark Passio discuss at length), is how much of this is internalised, in the form of expectation, ideas about ourselves, guilt, regret, our ideas about the world, our ideas about other people and our sense of worth and purpose.

But lets go back to the classroom for a moment and remember what it was like at school and sort of things we were taught there by our teachers and peers, They made it seem so important didn’t they, Now image you walked into the classroom as you are now and said  “I’ve sat through years of being taught facts and academic film flam, I have listened whilst you have made every factual subject seem off-putting and boring, I’ve listened to my peers define themselves and others by the music they listen to, the clothes they wear and any other superficial measure you would care to think of and I have regurgitated it all on command, but I have one question, What would I do if I had to survive on very little?”

We were taught very little to nothing about practical living such as how to survive in the wilderness, how to grow food, what food growing in the wild was edible and how to forage for it, how to make things such as clothing, how to repair things, how to question things etc. Thinking back to my school days, I would imagine, had I asked that question, you would have been able to hear a pin drop.


The process of enlightenment is the process of letting go of the bullshit that burdens your mind, body and action (I do not mean avoiding legitimate responsibilities) and allowing yourself to be guided by conscience. To attain enlightenment you must determine what is the dead weight that you are carrying and let go of it, you must not think in terms of labels either negative or positive, you are not what you do. To quote David Icke “We are Awareness”. Once you honestly start to feel as if your heart, mind and action are are in alignment and your conscience is clean (which means, put simply, you feel it, you think it, you do it, according to your conscience) then you are enlightened (you have cast off enough of the burdens of bullshit to think, feel and act truthfully and sincerely and you will be at peace with yourself).

This does not mean that all your troubles will vanish although they may not trouble as much as they may once did. It does not mean that you will have infinite patience, It does not mean that you will lose all interest in material things. It does mean however that you will see things more as they are, that perhaps you will not have such need of material things and that you will be free from the concerns of what other people think.

On the other hand, however, two of the greatest burdens a person can carry are guilt and regret and to rid oneself of these requires far more effort than just seeing through a facade. This is why I would identify having a clean conscience as one of the most important aspects of this process. The Golden Rule is DO NO HARM.

It is also important to remember that to take on the term “enlightened” is to take on a label.

From listening to Michael Tsarion, David Icke and many others, and perhaps most importantly the lessons of my own experience, this is my take on it. For what it’s worth.







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