Black Sheep Syndrome, An Idea on “Gatekeepers”

I have heard it said that trauma is a big factor in bringing people to the information of people such as David Icke, Mark Passio, James Corbett and Michael Tsarion etc and, in the instance that I heard this, it was also basically said that David Icke exploits this trauma for financial gain in his role as a Gatekeeper. Now, there have always been predators and there are still plenty of individuals who will exploit the traumas of people for financial gain in every walk of life. I do not subscribe to this view of David Icke, however, it very much did start the ball rolling in terms of this article. I would say personally, as someone who knows a thing or two about being traumatised, I cannot think of many aspects of my life that were not affected by a trauma. In fact, if you were to ask most people about what motivated changes in their life, you would probably find that (if you probed deeply enough) some kind of trauma, to whatever degree, was the reason.

A gatekeeper is an individual who has been provided to talk about alternate information (contrary to the mainstream narrative) but stops short of giving the entire story in order to trap a mass of people into thinking that they now know all they need to know. Gatekeepers are the sort of messianic figures that exist as controlled opposition to catch the “Black Sheep”. The Free Dictionary provides good definitions of the term Gatekeeper:

1. One that is in charge of passage through a gate.

2. One who monitors or oversees the actions of others.

3. One who controls access to something, such as information or services:                 publishers as gatekeepers.

One who controls access to something, such as information or services:                 publishers as gatekeepers”. To be clear, at this point, I am not in any way, saying that gatekeepers do not exist and that this form of controlled opposition does not occur, far from it. The point of this article is to show that it is a consensual relationship between the Gatekeeper (Sheep Dog) and the “Black Sheep”. “When the pupil is ready, the master will appear”, Gatekeepers are provided to pose as that master.

The Black Sheep is still a sheep! The Black Sheep stands outside of the main herd, is a different colour from the main herd but still follows the Sheep Dog (Gatekeeper) who does the bidding of the Shepherd.

The Black Sheep Syndrome describes a person who knows that the prevailing idea of normality, such as, what constitutes a normal life, the mainstream media and politics etc, is all a lie. The Black Sheep, however, has no understanding that it is a single multi-faceted lie and believes that it is a collection of different lies coming from non-associated competing sources. Generally, a black sheep will believe that money is the motivation for everything.

People tend to focus on the things that differentiate themselves from the majority, some people primarily wear their differences as a badge of honour, some people try to hide their differences in order to “fit in”. Most people do both in their lives but lean more toward one of these two methods. Most people do not really look for the commonalities they share with others and the patterns of commonalities in situations and this blinkered view is what produces a Black Sheep.

A Black Sheep believes that they are different because of their views and tastes but in actual fact, they are provided for by the same Shepherd as the main herd. These Black Sheep are then easily held by the Gatekeepers because the message of the Gatekeeper is different enough from the mainstream narrative to ensnare them and many of them will not look any further.

A Black Sheep suffers from the arrogance of thinking that he or she knows all that they need to know and/or all that there is to know and is also intellectual lazy enough to believe this. As such, a Black Sheep consents to his or her mental confinement every bit as much as those who comprise the main herd. Education is the responsibility of the student as it falls to the student to search for the answers to their questions, a teacher’s job is to provide an answer not necessarily the answer.

The belief in authority and hierarchy is what is at the bottom of all of this and it is an erroneous belief. In a person’s life, there is no higher authority than that person as you are the one who ultimately acts or refuses to act on what you know, there is no saviour, there is no other person or entity/institution that you differ responsibility for yourself or your own actions to. There will always be people that are more knowledgeable and are well placed to advise and influence but that does not mean that they should be blindly followed, “*Order following” is largely responsible for the wrongs of this world and it cannot be said that these wrongs are the total responsibility of the “Order Givers” when it is the “Order Followers” who enact them.

*See Mark Passio’s talks on Order Followers.

I used to be a Black Sheep, it could be that I am now a blacker sheep in a bigger pen. But ultimately I realised that I am not a sheep, I am a human being, so should I find myself in a bigger pen I will simply climb over the fence.


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