Remove the Noise and the Truth Emerges

For a long time, I have had this idea that when you remove the noise the truth emerges. there are many examples that can be given for this but generally should you remove all of the side elements of a problem and the disguising factors you will find the problem’s source.

Take muscle knots, for instance, you have a pain in your neck you press the spot on your neck and massage, you feel a little discomfort but discover that the knot is not in your neck, you move up to the back of your head and feel around, you find a sore spot and follow it to the side of your head and bang, that really hurts and you have found the source of the pain in your neck. The tightness in the small muscle attachments that link your neck to your skull was the real issue that was causing the pain lower down in your neck, massage this area and your pain is relieved. As an aside, this can often be the cause of migraines.

The purpose of this article is not, however, to discuss migraines. Migraines are a good example in many ways because many people are not aware of the phenomena of muscle knots so as soon as they get a headache they reach for the pills. Headaches can also be caused by hunger, thirst, anxiety and lack of sleep, to name a few of the other more manageable causes, of course, they can indicate a more serious problem as well. However, this article is to discuss a couple of examples of the noise of life.

We often hear that happiness is the goal of life, people say that you must grab life by both hands and go after what you want, you have a duty to enjoy as much of life as you possibly can and the purpose of life is the pursuit of happiness. This noise creates a lot of pressure for the person who doesn’t feel that they are doing this and I would imagine that there are a great many people that fit this category.

For me, these expressions are incomplete, (when the opportunity presents) you must grab it with both hands, you have a duty to enjoy life (for what it is) for example. on the other hand “the pursuit of happiness” idea is as ambiguous a phrase as the “war on terror” which is a physical war on a mental ideology with no clear enemy.

So we need to get into this phrase “the pursuit of happiness” and break it down. Two questions emerge from this phrase what is happiness and how or even, can, it be pursued. Happiness is not a state of mind or a choice, in this situation the word “happiness” has been confused with positivity which is a state of mind and a choice.

Happiness is a moment in time and perhaps something that can only really be appreciated through reminiscence and in contrast to other unhappy times in your life, therefore it cannot really be pursued.

The truth is that life is to be enjoyed but it is also to be endured, tolerated, appreciated, suffered, thought about and learned from. Happiness will be found in memories, it is contentment and comfort that we actually pursue.

This is a simple example of how to remove the noise because anything in your life that is not what you have identified as your main goals could be considered noise and much of it can be simply muted and removed in this analytical kind of way. There will be very real problems in life that must be tackled because these are the obstacles that we must overcome. Noise masks problems and solutions, it hides the obstacles from us and also robs us of our happy moments. One of the easiest ways to simplify your life is to remove the noise.


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