Disillusionment with The Truther Industrial Complex

Before I start, I would like to give credit to Cip from the YouTube channel Cips Clips for the term and definition, “Truther Industrial Complex” who, to the best of my knowledge was the person created it and pointing out (to me) many of the things that I am writing about in this article.

There are many shows in the independent media, so called, that do a very good job of widening people’s awareness of the world and its goings on especially in the early stages when people become aware of the fact that things are not right in the world (in other words at the start of their awakening). I dislike the term awakening but it serves in this instance. Many of these shows, however, are also using the propagation of “truth” to earn a living for their presenters. This causes a problem for the makers of these shows, on the one hand, they are spreading a message that is unpopular and sometimes thought of as crazy and on the other hand, they need to make a living. So when things advertising revenue are added into the mix these shows are faced with the choice of holding true to their purpose or becoming more advertiser-friendly. Quite often in my life, I have thought that you can only hold the principles that you financially afford and this is unfortunately so often the case.

There also many scam artists who use the “truth” to frighten people and sell them the solution but even with the best will in the world with whatever you do, if you give any priority to making money with the thing that you are doing, be it alternative theories and viewpoints, music, science etc, you will be faced with the choice of do I do what’s right or do I do what’s right for my wallet and many people will then delude themselves into thinking that they can do both at the same time, which, more often than not, they cannot.

When it comes to the Truth movement, I have noticed a number of things about some of the personalities and specifically their conduct which is worth noting:

  1. They constantly pick at the mainstream media but when it backs them up they parrot it.
  2. They offer content for free and then once they have the desired audience they remove that content and charge for access to it. It was free, now it ain’t.
  3. They have gone to painstaking lengths to make sure that their audience. understands the Jewdeism is religion, not a race, while at the same time as they are talking. about Islam as if it’s a race and not just a religion.
  4. There are also a number of them who demonise the political left in favour or the hard right when they were supposed to be apolitical.
  5. They claim to be independent but they have sponsors.
  6. They endorse products.
  7. They claim to be better than the mainstream media when scrutinising the mainstream media but don’t put their guests to the same scrutiny.
  8. Some of them will constantly make predictions of doom which either only partially come true or never happen.
  9. A number of them engage in Problem, Reaction, Solution Marketing.

There are probably many more instances of there of these kinds contradictions in their actions but these were the ones that leapt out at me. There is a hardcore of these shows that are becoming very right wing indeed but there are still shows and speakers that you can get some good info from every now and then, depending on what subjects interest you. I deliberately have chosen not to name specific shows because that is not my way, I know others do and fair play to them for doing it.

I would hope (rather naively) that some of the personalities would read this article and take a moment of pause, but I very much doubt anyone will read this article so that scenario is pretty unlikely. Chuckle chuckle. Bottom Line, first and most importantly of all, be honest about what you are doing and why you are doing it with yourself. Only then can you pursue your aims and articulate them effectively. If you are not honest all round, you will give yourself away, of course, may get away with this a few times but in the end, you will be found out.


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